Saturday, 8 February 2014

Flappy Bird Alternative - Similar Games

So, Dong Nguyen (@dongatory) has tweeted that he's pulling the hit mobile game "Flappy Bird" from the Google Play and Apple App store. Flappy Bird has millions of players and has hundreds of thousands of positive reviews. Dong is estimated to be making $50,000 a day, which confuses some people - why is he shutting it down? Why not sell it instead?

He's shutting it down due to personal attacks and stress. It probably isn't the smartest thing to do, he could take a long vacation or deactivate his twitter, but in the end it's his decision.

What about a Flappy Bird Alternative?

Here is our list of Flappy Bird Alternatives. We hope you enjoy. If you would like to advertise your app here, please contact us in the post comments.

1. Copter Game

All kids who've been to school in the last 10 years will know about copter. It is traded around by everyone using USBs or by bypassing school's web filtering. It is quoted as the "Original Copter" and you can play it below.

2. Android User? Download Flappy Bird

Google "Flappy Bird apk" and you can download flappy bird, install it and play it how you usually would. Unfortunately, for iOS/iPhone users, you'll need a jailbreak and AppCake to download Flappy Bird.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Speed Up HTC Wildfire S' SD Card!

Ever wondered how to speed up your HTC Wildfire S' SD Card?

By speeding up your smartphones SD Card, you will be able to load your photos, videos, apps and games more quick and efficiently.

To speed up your HTC Wildfire S SD Card, all you need to do is DEFRAG your SD Card.

What is a "Defrag?"

A Defrag is when all the files in your SD Card are pushed together so that they are all next to each other. This makes it easier for your HTC Wildfire S to find files on your SD Card.

By defragging your SD Card it will now move around any files or folders.

How do I defrag my SD Card?

To defrag your SD Card, follow these simple steps below:

  1. Download Auslogics Disk Defrag
  2. Install the software.
  3. Plug your HTC Wildfire S into your computer and select Disk Drive mode.
  4. Open Up Auslogics Disk Defrag
  5. Tick the box next to your SD Card (untick the box next to your hard drive too)
  6. Select "Defrag and Optimize"
  7. Let it defrag and optimize your SD Card!
  8. Do not unplug or put any files onto your SD Card until it has finished the process.

Your HTC Wildfire S should now be running up to 5x faster! 

Friday, 21 December 2012

Infographic: Smartphone Users

Hey HTCWildfireSBlog fans, sorry for the lack of posts. They'll be back soon.

In the mean time, we've teamed up with to bring you this awesome infographic on smartphone users. It's quite an interesting read!

Leave a comment below on what new HTC Wildfire S posts you'd like to see in the future.

We'd appreciate it if you'd paste it on your site too!

If not, check out the awesome infographic below.

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!

Smartphone Users
This Infographic is Co-produced by CouponAudit and Htcwildfiresblog

Friday, 26 October 2012

KimsMod Supreme - Custom Official HTC ROM

Looking for a custom ROM that'll give you speed, increased battery life and more without having to get rid of all the official HTC ROM features? Luckily for you, KimmsMod Supreme by senior xda member klacenas is here.

What is KimmsMod Supreme?

KimmsMod Supreme is a ROM based off the latest official Euro RUU GB 2.3.5 build 2.26.401.3 which  for people understand, it just means it's based off the latest Official 2.3.5 ROM HTC released. It features HTC Sense 2.1, HTC Hub and the latest Google and HTC applications. It is pretty fast and stable too.

Here are some more outlined features of KimmsMod Supreme;

  • Unlimited Browser Windows
  • Adfree
  • Rooted (ofcourse)
  • Dust Kernel, which'll make your HTC Wildfire S super-speed!
  • Awesome Tools and Apps Included
Overall, this ROM is a great alternative if you do not want to step away from the official HTC ROM's while still being optimized for speed and battery life.

For download information and more; click here!

Stay tuned next week for our SD Card speed up guide!

Monday, 1 October 2012

HTC and the Future of Android's Influence

When it comes to the American market, the Taiwan-based HTC is not having the easiest of times remaining in the minds of consumers. The East Coast research and development office that resided in Durham, North Carolina recently closed completely last month, leaving the North American headquarters remaining in Washington state. There has been some talk going around into what HTC is planning on doing to make up for the current slump going on, with an article in EWeek discussing how they might start attempting to rebrand themselves in the tough markets.

 One of the main moves is start focusing more on Windows 8. If you're worried about HTC and Android experiencing a possible breakup, there's no need for that. The article had a quote by Jason Mackenzie, who is the president of sales and marketing over at HTC who explained that while the company is going to be utilizing Windows 8 more in their phones while also keeping Android in the loop as well. There is no plan that will lessen the influence of Android, but the move is critical if the company wants to stay in the game at all.

There several reasons and instances that might explain the drop in HTC interest throughout recent months. For one, the offerings from Apple, Samsung and now even Nokia with their Windows 8 Lumia series – which includes two new phones - is proving that HTC has a lot of stiff competition to go against. This is kind of a given though, and will remain so for as long as these companies stay in play. All of the new phones constantly introduced into the market by various manufacturers have caused limited memory and awareness of who is really making moves as of late. Apple didn't really need much marketing measures to push the iPhone 5, which was just released last week. In relation regarding the copyright infringement, Samsung has experienced more success as well despite losing that case. The Galaxy S III has been doing well, even though phones such as this and the iPhone 5 are significantly more expensive than that which comes from HTC.

So despite how well HTC phones perform in comparison, the main issue looks to be branding. The HTC situation right now bears many resemblances to that of Nokia, which seems to be the model that the HTC Windows 8 plan is going with. Utilizing a new operating system is simply a means to refresh the look of the company, but what HTC is going to offer over Nokia remains to be seen. According to some sources, the HTC plan with Windows 8 is to release some devices that cary the OS, while keeping the Android phones in the market as well. This has been confirmed already as Droid Guy has stated. From there, the assumption can be made that HTC will see if the Windows 8 releases cause any long-term change to their profits as compared to the presence of the Android phones as well.

This article was written by Doug Glaston of Home Security Team, a trusted ADT security provider.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Best Speed and Internal Memory ROM

Once you've rooted your HTC Wildfire S and installed clockwork recovery, you gain access to dozens of custom ROMS for your smartphone. If you look at this handy list of ROMs provided by XDA Developers, you'll probably hit the wall once you see the vast amount of ROMs with all their unique features. Luckily, we've found the best ROM for speed, efficiency and design.

Speed + Internal Memory = Wildchild.

You have to admit that the HTC Wildfire S isn't a very powerful smartphone. Although it has a 600mhz processor, it still takes a while to do certain tasks, and tonnes of users message me everyday complaining about their internal memory and I usually just point them to this ROM; Wildchild.

WildChild is optimized for speed, internal memory and efficiency. Although it's a speed heavy ROM, it still has a pretty neat design. It supports Link2SD (which let's you link application files to the SD Card) and everything you need pre-installed. It now comes with a handy keyboard called TouchPal.

Yes, we've posted about WildChild before but we're pushing the fact that WildChild is a great ROM, and will literally get rid of your speed and internal memory problems. 


  • HTC Sense 2.1-based, with the Sense launcher+widgets removed.
  • OS = Android "Gingerbread" 2.3.5.
  • Based on latest European RUU - 2.26.401.3.
  • Rooted, in case your mother asks.
  • Latest BusyBox (v1.19.4)
  • All APKs are ZipAligned. Your RAM says, "Thank you".
  • Much more!
 To get the full list of features, install tutorial and download link. Click here! :)

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