Friday, 4 November 2011

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Low Internal Memory? Free up HTC Wildfire S phone memory.

Is your HTC Wildfire S internal memory low? Here are some tips to free up internal memory on your HTC Wildfire S:

1) Install App2SD Free. This program allows you to move applications installed on your internal memory to your external SD card. This will free up your HTC Wildfire S internal memory and also speed up your Wildfire S

2) Install 1-Click Cleaner and clear your caches. This will free up internal memory by clearing caches (twitter display pics, etc.) I recovered 6MB from this - may not be a lot to sum, but for Wildfire S users it's a lot!

3) Clear your Internet cache. Doing this gave me 10MB extra internal memory. Open up the Internet Application. Press your menu button and click the "More" option at the bottom right. Select settings. Scroll down until you get to the "Privacy configuration" part of the settings. Clear all of these options:

Cookie Data
Form Data
Location Access

4) Delete your text message threads. These may not take up that much internal memory, but they will slow down your phone a lot. Just delete them, unless you really need them.

5) Uninstall unneeded applications. Using App2SD Free mentioned in step 1, Click the "phone only" tab. This will show you apps on your phone that are only able to work using the internal memory. If you don't need any applications, uninstall them. This is a great way to free up HTC Wildfire S' internal memory!

6) Uninstall Facebook, use this site. By uninstalling the official facebook app and using the mobile site, you can free up 7MB of internal memory. If you need facebook chat, use imo. imo will use up 1.93MB of internal memory.

Now that you do not have low internal memory, why not Speed Up Your HTC Wildfire S?


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