Sunday, 29 January 2012

How to backup HTC Wildfire S

To avoid losing your valuable text messages, pictures, contacts, application data, game saves etc. you need to perform back ups. Back ups can sometimes become confusing and tedious. That's why I have created this tutorial - How to back up your HTC Wildfire S.

There are several methods to back up your HTC Wildfire S and some back up certain stuff and some don't:

1) Back up your settings, contacts, apps, calendar, and emails.
This is the simplest way to back up your phone. Simply go to Settings > Privacy and make sure Backup my settings is selected. Then go to Settings > Accounts and Sync > Gmail and select every option there is. Now when you restore your phone, or even move to another android phone - your settings, contacts, apps, calendar, and emails will all be there; as long as you use the same gmail account.

2) Back up Text Messages (SMS)
To back up your text messages, download this app entitled "SMS Backup & Restore" it lets you backup your text messages, view your backed up text messages, e-mail a text message backup to yourself and much more. Plus, it's free.

3) Photo Backup
To back up your photos, I recommend you drag and drop them to a hard drive or USB device, or use ASTRO File Manager.. To drag and drop them to a PC, simply start HTC Sync, then plug in your HTC Wildfire S and set it to "disk drive" mode. Copy the DCIM folder to a hard drive or other storage device that you will have access to if you ever need it. To email it to yourself. Simply view the photo on your phone, then click Menu > Share > Email.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Trick to gain internal memory

Quick Tip!

Did you know that by performing a simple hack, you can move those apps you didn't think you could, to your SD Card in a few simple steps? Check out the tutorial here!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Tutorial to update to 2.3.5 on HTC Wildfire S

If you want to update your phone, maybe to the latest 2.3.5 update but are having problems, or just don't know how - here is a simple guide to updating your HTC Wildfire S to 2.3.5. Please make sure you are connected to AC power before installing 2.3.5.

Method 1

1) Go to settings.
2) Scroll to the bottom to "About Phone"
3) Click Software Updates
4) At the bottom of the screen, click "Check Now"
5) Follow the install instructions
6) Tada! :D

If you do not receive an update notification, try this method:

1) Go to this forum.
2) Read the whole first post, and follow the instructions.
3) Tada! :D

Comment below if you are having any problems!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

40 Hour HTC Wildfire S Battery!

The stock HTC Wildfire S Battery life is quite low, at 11 hours on heavy usage. Luckily, there's a solution to that - for just £10. I present to you, the  Cameron Sino Tech 2200 mAh HTC Wildfire S Battery!

The Cameron Sino battery has reported "50.52% more capacity than the HTC Stock battery" and 40 hours battery life, by XDA Developers member d33ps1x.  It comes at it's advertised capacity of 2200 mAh, unlike other batteries such as the eCell gold battery, which has a smaller capacity than the Cameron Sino.

However, since the battery holds a lot of power, wouldn't it have to be larger than the stock battery? The answer is yes. Unfortunately, you have to increase the size of yours Wildfire S by using a case that comes with the battery. Although this may put you off, the case and battery is a tight but perfect fit and does not cover up the phone's camera or flashlight. d33ps1x reports increased bass given by the phones speaker, as the case acts like a" passive subwoofer cavity." Another downside is that there is an overall loss of volume. However, a slightly bigger but quieter phone is a good enough sacrifice for the extra battery life. 

Click here to view d33ps1x's forum post, which includes pictures!

Credits to d33ps1x for this information. 

Click here to buy the product now!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

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