Friday, 23 March 2012

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How To: Clockwork Recovery Mod for HTC Wildfire S

Clockwork Recovery Mod lets you install custom roms on your HTC Wildfire S, such as HTC Sense 3.5 ROMS and many more amazing ROMs, such as the Cyanogen Mod. They also work with Link 2 SD, which enables you to install any non system app to SD.

However, to be able to install cool custom roms (which make your HTC Wildfire S super fast!)  you need to root your HTC Wildfire S.

Clockwork Mod Logo

So first of all, make sure your HTC Wildfire S is rooted:

How to root your HTC Wildfire S

Now that your HTC Wildfire S is hopefully rooted, we can go on to installing the clockwork recovery mod.

First of all, open up the Google Play (Android Market) Application on your phone. Then, in the search box, type in "ROM Manager." and click the one which is made by ClockworkMod. Now proceed to installing it on your HTC Wildfire S!

Now that you have installed ROM Manager, open it up. Once the application has loaded, click Flash CWM. It should ask for root access. Press allow and let it flash CWM.

Now to access CWM, you must completely turn your phone off by removing / re inserting the battery. Then press the volume down button while pressing the power button until a white menu pops up. Using the volume buttons, navigate to the "recovery" option and select it using the power button. You now have Clockwork Mod!

Now, why don't you learn How To install sense 3.5/4.0 on your HTC Wildfire S (coming next week)
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