Monday, 12 March 2012

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Kernel Developers Needed - Help Us Root the HTC Wildfire S

Are you a kernel developer, or learning to become a kernel developer? Then the HTC Wildfire S community needs your help. Everyone over at the xda developer forums are working hard to gain s-off on the smartphone. So far, they have developed an unlocked bootloader. However, with this unlocked bootloader you are not able to resize system partitions, you can't flash HBOOT, your warranty is voided and many other things that cannot be achieved unless we gain s-off.

That's why we need kernel developers that can help us gain s-off and root our HTC Wildfire S devices once and for all. Plus, you'll get a lot of credit from it (I'll be personally writing a rooting tutorial and crediting everyone involved once s-off is achieved) and you'll probably boost HTC Wildfire S sales once people find out it can be rooted. We will be able to install Custom ROMs, make our smartphones crazy fast, overclock the CPU, install awesome applications and more.

To help out with the cause, please register for the XDA Developer forums, then read this thread and post any help you can provide. Thanks!


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